Thursday, July 24, 2008


We went up to Wyoming for a couple of days at the beginning of the week. We camped for three days, two in Star Valley and one in Teton National Park at Colter Bay. We had fun spending some time in Jackson Hole, hiking in the Tetons, meeting up with friends and fly fishing (I caught my first fish).

What we did see:
lots of deer
the Tetons
awesome views from our hike
a mountain lion (from the safety of our car, yikes!)
lots of mosquitos
Paul and Suzanna
Sean Penn (we think)
lots of RV's
a huge group of French Harley riders (weird)
lots of each other

What we didn't see:
bears (thank goodness)
a bed
hot weather (so nice)

                           just one of the deer that didn't seem to mind us

                                                   the Middle Teton

                             Loren on some of the snow we had to cross

                                                   Loren at Colter Bay


Brandis said...

Those are such pretty pictures! I love the one of you with your hand on top of the mountain. :) It looks like you guys really know how to have fun together.

camihubrich said...

Awesome, awesome pictures Jamie. Looks like a seriously good time. You look too good to be camping Jamie, oh, you too Loren.

P&K Brewer said...

That is beautiful, seriously my kind of world. I wish we lived closer we would have so much fun. I can't wait til we go backpacking. Congrats on your first fish.

Also how does that blog list thing work. I update my blog almost everyday and it says my last update was 2 weeks ago?????

Jane Durham said...

how fun! my fam is up there right now without me. I can't believe you saw a mountain lion and not a crazy!