Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year, new post

I'm going through a "blogging feels like a chore" phase.  However, I have been busy since my last post. 
We went up to Idaho for Thanksgiving and stayed for four and a half days (longer than our usual weekend).
Christmastime at Busath is pretty crazy, it was nice to be so busy, but also nice to have a break afterwards.  
We survived the holidays, I had most of our Christmas shopping done by November (that has never happened).  Loren made it through 2 surgeries in one week at the beginning of December (they were both planned, nothing life threatening), and has been recovering for the last month.  He just started physical therapy for his shoulder surgery last week and is antsy to get working again.  Neither of us are really homebodies, so it has been a little rough for him not being busy.  He has also been studying to take the last portion of the test to get his Contractors License at the end of the week.  
We spent a lot of time with Loren's family while his brother Parker and his wife Amorette were in town for Christmas.  This last week brought a lot of time with friends and members of my family staying with us for four nights.  
My brother Justin just got engaged and will be getting married in May.
Needless to say, we have been truly blessed this year and continue to count our blessings, like my Grandpa used to say, "we're worse than some, but better than most."  We are so lucky to have such great family and friends and hope you all have a great New Year!!