Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bell Canyon

We are so lucky to have this just a 10 minute drive and a 20 minute hike from our house.

Sometimes I forget how beautiful our mountains are. Whenever we go up there I think, "Why are we not up here everyday?"
It felt so nice to get out of the house and unwind after work, I highly recommend it :)


katherine said...

hey i love the dandy-lion shot, isn't it funny how such a pest can be so beautiful? i need to get out an enjoy our mountains too! hope you are well!!!

Waters said...

oh so yummy outdoors, how wonderful that you live so close to that. :)
I will be in town when youre in town and would love to hit the town with you ladies too. Let me know what the plans are and Ill tag along. :)
Yay, its Friday.

The Chandlers said...

beautiful pictures! what a talent!

camihubrich said...

Love that hike. Last week Kris thought that it would be a good idea to hike to the waterfall, by herself, six months pregnant. We told her that it would not be a good idea. Maybe if you guys feel like going again you can supervise her.

P&K Brewer said...

That looks so beautiful. I love the mountains,I would love to live in them all day long. So do you own a house in Utah? If you do I am so jealous. When I went to Idaho this weekend I picked up some real estate magazines. Can't wait for the day to move back.

Kim said...

How beautiful! That last photo looks fake it's so pretty!