Thursday, August 28, 2008


We had a blast in California which included, but is not limited to the following: shopping, eating, rock band, sitting on the beach, boogie boarding, going to the Getty Museum, and great friends!!

                                                                   The Boys

                                                                   The Girls

                                                               The Getty Museum

                                            Zack, Kim, Me, Jake, Kristin at the Getty

                                                      Me and Loren at the Getty

                                                              Jake and Loren

                                                                   The Getty

                                                                the beach house

                                             Me and Loren on the beach cruisers

our one attempt at a group photo turned out to be a video so I had to take this picture from that, which explains why is isn't very clear


Waters said...

okay girlfriend, I am not the LEAST bit jelous of all the TRIPS you and Loren have gone on this summer, Ive lost count....hawaii, idaho, other placed in UT, cali....HAWAII!!! Oh how I wish Jar, Val and pregnant fatty (me) could go for a vaca once in a while. :)
as always, I love your pictures, they make me feel as if I were there...thank you for keeping my dreams alive. the first picture of "the boys" Loren looks like he's wearing a skirt, I had to giggle for a moment.
happy friday, have a great weekend you two love birdys.

Kim said...

I guess I didn't get the memo we were supposed to be serious in the getty picture! I think they should hire you as their professional photographer.

P+K Brewer said...

Well here is hoping that there is another Getty Museum in California other than Los Angeles area. Because we live about 10 min. away from the Getty museum in LA area. And my phone never rang. Anyway hopefully sometime we'll meet up if you come back to CA you have a free place to stay. Looks like you had fun. PS: in case you didn't have it and I also need yours. 808-232-1182.

Kris said...

I definitely need a copy of the group shot (and all the rest) glad you were able to make it work. It kind of has a vintage, nostalgic appeal to it. See you soon I'm sure :)

Mike and Kimmy said...

Hey Jamie--
Looks like you all had a great trip to California. I love vacations, the beach being on the top of vacation spots. Love the beach cruisers, by the way. They look way fun! Hope all is well with you.

katherine said...

what a fun trip Jame! i hope that you are well! one of these days we really need to catch up - besides in the blogging world! i think i comment that every time, but really, i miss you!