Friday, May 30, 2008

Is it over already??

Well, we got back from Kaua'i on Monday and we already wish we could go back! Loren's parents were awesome and spoiled us by taking the whole family to their time-share at the Marriott for our Christmas present. In December it felt like May would never come and here I am blogging about it already! We had more fun than you could shake a stick at. We laid at the beach, played frisbee, swam, went hiking on the amazing Na Pali Coast, swam in a waterfall, snorkeled at several beaches, swam with a sea turtle (Loren did anyway-I missed it), kayaked, water skiied, ate great food and had fun times with the whole family!
Here are some pictures of our week....enjoy....we sure did :)

Loren playing beach volleyball

Relaxing at Wailua Bay

Me and Amorette frolicking on the beach

Kayaking the Hanalei River

Eating lunch at Hanalei Bay

Can't beat this view

On our hike to the Hanakapiai Falls on the Na Pali Coast

It was so humid on this hike, I don't think I have ever sweat that much in my life! Well worth it though.

My sis-in-law, Amorette, and me. The water was surprisingly cold but totally refreshing

All of us kids at Poi'pu Beach (see the people behind us getting married :)
Amorette and Parker(Loren's older brother), Loren and me, and Starly (Loren's younger brother)

Me and Loren at Wiamea Canyon (Kaua'i's version of the Grand Canyon)

Dinner with the family in Kapa'a

Loren and Me back at Poi'pu Beach

Church on Sunday, they give all the visitors crocheted leis


camihubrich said...

Yay! Pictures. You take great pictures Jamie, seriously. What a great time for you guys. Wicked jealous(I'm pulling out some of the language that we're picking up out here).

The Morgans said...

How sad is it that Troy's dad lives on Maui and we have never been there. Glad you had a great time- back to the real world.

Paul and Kristi said...

O' I loved Kauai so beautiful. Paul and I hiked the whole Na Pali coast in march 07, I recognized the picture when I saw it so amazing, that hike is beautiful. I'm jealous, I would live there again in a heartbeat, we use to island hope on the weekends. Anyway looks wonderful. So fun.

Kim said...

That looks/sounds amazing! You guys packed in the fun. I'm with Cami 'wicked' jealous!!

katherine said...

ah, thanks for taking us along! all those pics made me feel like i was on the beach with you! loved it! and i love your yellow dress and both swimsuits, so very cute! i wanna go to a beach and get tan, hum, someday!

kristin said...

I was soooo glad to see pictures posted, I've been dying to live vicariously through you guys. Your trip looked so fun, and warm, and filled with lots of water (yay)! Way cute fam and I really dug the Modbe switsuit.

the mortensen's said...

I can't even describe my jealousy in words!

h2d said...

Shaw's, don't hate me! I never sent you that info about the (not-so) secret waterfall that we love over there. But now you absolutely have to go back, and to make it easier, we'll go with this time and just show you where the dang place is.

Thanks for the pics. And for the garage space. Come to Boston.

Shanna & Brent said...

we're going to Kauaii at the beginning of September and after seeing those pictures, I cannot wait!!! It will be our first time and i'm so excited! thanks for getting me pumped!!!

Brandis said...

I have vacation envy. My "vacation" was to Utah, and although it was beautiful, it was Utah. :)

Sherrie Batty said...

Ah, Hawaii. Your pictures make me want to go back. Though, honestly, I wanted to go back already. It looks like you had a great time. You always have the cutest clothes. I need to start shopping with you.

zack hackett said...

Why was Loren wearing that sweater-vest on the beach?