Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Secret Shames

My friend Kandice tagged me to share 3 secret shames. Here are the ones I will admit to.
1. The Hills

I like this show far more than I should. I'm not crazy where I get on chat rooms about it or anything, but I am addicted. I have no idea why I find the lives of the people on this show so interesting but I can't miss a week of it. I'm sure the show if geared more towards high school girls rather than someone who is 25 and married, I just can't help myself.

2. Lean Cuisine Macaroni and Cheese
I could probably eat this for lunch every day and not get sick of it. It calls my name and I crave it, I just can't say no.

3. Etsy

I could look at this website all day. They have everything on here. A search for earrings yields about 7,000 matches, that could keep a girl busy for a while.


Waters said...

Valerie & I are going grocery shopping today, the Lean Cuisine: Mac&cheese will be on my list, and Etsy is on my to do/to look at also. As for The Hills, Ive got my own shames to worry about, like Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Can you believe that I still watch that show? Oh my goodness.

Kris said...

love that you secretly love The Hills! I personally love The Bachelor and was obsessed when the OC was on...dirty little shames. Laughing at the Mac n' Cheese...so funny and Etsy, here here!

katherine said...

i love these, and i totally agree with them all! ps, have you seen my friend april's etsy shop, i love her creations, anyway, but i would also have to include on my list america's next top model. love it!