Saturday, November 17, 2007

Summer in review

With the holidays approaching and the cold weather settling in I thought it would be nice to re-live some of our summer memories.

We had the chance to go to San Francisco with our friends Steve and Emma and their little boy Luke. We stayed at Emma's parents house (thanks Steve and Sally for feeding us, being our tour guides, and letting us use your car!).

The Famous Golden Gate Bridge

Steve, Emma, Luke, Jamie and Loren at a beach just south of Half Moon Bay

Jamie and Loren with "The City by the Bay" in the background

One of my favorite pictures of Loren fishing at Lily Lake in the Uintas, May 2007

Same trip in the Uintas, Steve and Loren fly fishing at Lyman Lake. Thanks Steve and Emma for taking us to your cabin (we owe many a gettaways to them:)

In Boise at my close high school friend Jessi's wedding, what a pretty bride!

On a little hike to Dog Lake with our friends Paul and Suzanna

My mom, brother and I visited my Grandma in Oklahoma City this October

What Loren was doing while I was in Oklahoma, thanks Paul!

The biggest fish of the summer, way to go honey!!


sherstine said...

yea for me for being your first comment! I still don't have a blog, but I think it might be time I jump on the bandwagon!
It is so good to hear from you guys. Did you know that we are expecting? A boy! I have 10 weeks left, he came a little earlier than we were planning but how often do things actually happen like you plan them to? Still no name, but we have a little while to decide. Good to hear from you guys!

katherine lance & grace said...

jamie! i am so excited you have a blog. i love this world. it will be fun to keep up on your busy lives! i know that work is nuts, but maybe you can escape and we can do lunch soon? i WILL call you this week, promise! see you friend!

Bruschke Family said...

Love the blog. Great to see that you DO have a life outside of your tireless hours at work! I think I will commission you to make me some jewelry- great taste.

Kim said...

Yay for the blog! I'm glad you joined. Beware it's addicting.

Steve and Emma said...

That fish is fake. Is it just a coincidence that Jamie is a photo shop master?

Paul and Kristi said...

Okay, so jealous, we need to go fly-fishing together. I am so ready. Do you fly-fish too, or just the hubby. I love it, one of my favorite things to do. Good times.