Monday, November 19, 2007

Girls Day

So, some friends from high school and I have started a once a month get together. We all grew up in Kuna (Idaho) and went to school together, after we graduated we all ended up in Utah. It's so fun to keep in touch and keep up on what we are all doing. Last month we made earrings at my house and this month we made carmel apples at Libby's.

Here we are (Sherrie, Liberty and Holly) making a mess out of Liberty's kitchen!

My best work:)


Kim said...

YUMMY! those look sooooo good I wish I had one in front of me right now.

Paul and Kristi said...

wo, wo wo, wait a minute, you didn't ALL end up in Utah, I ended up in California. What the he**. Just kidding, oh my goodness you are all alive and well. Complete insane-ness. I need your contact info NOW. I think that you next monthly KUNA get together is a trip to LA. Yes, you have a place to stay and food included. Seriously all you have you need to come visit and we can go to the beach and all those CA things to do. Well keep in touch.

Brandis said...

Hey Jamie!!! I got to your blog from Kristi's, which I got to from her facebook (in case you were wondering). How fun that you girls get together like that! I'm jealous. I'm all by my lonesome in Arizona and haven't seen a Kuna person here since I moved here, except for 1, but not a girl. ANYWAYS, SOO good to find your blog and see what you've been up to! :) Feel free to stalk mine. :)