Friday, October 9, 2009


It was so much fun to have my mom with me for the week in Tuscany! We had such a great time. We stayed at a 1,700 acre working farmhouse, the food was amazing. The countryside was beautiful but I was a little disappointed that they had just tilled all of the fields, so we weren't able to see as many rolling green Tuscan hillsides. It was still amazing though, I think my mom caught the travel bug on this trip...who could blame her :)

Me in Florence

San Gimignano from afar

Me and my mom

a little church I can't remember the name of

Tuscan sunrise

Cathedral in Siena

tower on the Piazza del Campo in Siena (we climbed to the top!)

starting the climb up the tower

the stairway

view from the top!

Cyprus trees at dawn at the farmhouse

tree on a hill at the farmhouse

me and my mom


Chandler said...

these pictures are AMAZING! i love ALL of them! you are so talented!
how fun that you were able to share that time together with your mom. you two are so beautiful!

Jane Durham said...

jealous! how fun to go with your mom. I love the tree and road image.

Waters said...

Awesome pictures Jamie! You know what you NEED to do? You need to start wearing red lipstick to make your lips POP, you can totally make it work.

katherine said...

hmm. so nice. how fun to travel with your mom. and ps, you are just so pretty! we should probably go to lunch sometime. i wanna catch up with you! in fact, today, i was driving by busath, and i was so tempted to just stop - i think about the old crew so much!