Tuesday, August 4, 2009

birthday, wedding, birthday, rodeo, holiday, rodeo, 7th year anniversary, vacation (whew)

I think the title speaks for itself. Massive picture overload...

Coconut, lime, ginger cupcakes with lime frosting for Loren's big 30! (I found the dirtiest picture I could to commemorate)

Me and Loren and Tad and Emily's fabulous wedding (Loren's looking pretty hot in his sear sucker suit :)

Me and Emily (her tan is slightly better than mine :)

My 27th birthday celebration with Van helping blow out the candles

3rd of July hike before meeting up with Tad and Em for the Oakley Rodeo

fireworks at the rodeo

4th of July, took the canoe out for a little row

waiting for 4th of July fireworks in Holladay park

sunset at the Draper Days rodeo where we saw a bull jump over the fence into the stands, CRAZY!

                                                             Me, Kristin and Kim

                                              Kristin teaching Sam all about the beach

                                            Zack, Loren and Jake surveying the waves

evidence that Loren should have asked for help applying sunscreen :)

sunset on Laguna Beach

our camp at the beach in La Jolla

Sam eating sand

my honey enjoying the sun

the beach at Del Mar, fun boogey boarding beach

a little beach volleyball at the beach house

view from the house

the beach house

Elsie chillin with Loren

the whole gang


Chandler said...

jamie, you have the most amazing pictures! and the cutest clothes!
thanks for the update!

the mortensen's said...

glad to have you back, friend. Your pictures are amazing! P.s. we are in Boise so you better be calling whenever you come into town

camihubrich said...

I want to go back to there.

B & C said...

ooooo...those cupcakes look sooooo good. i can almost taste them again just looking at them.

Kristin said...

Those cupcakes were soooo good! We should probably find a reason to make those again as well as try some other recipes in that book. Hey in that bottom, last picture, who's the dude in the middle with the mustache? He's just. so. Dirty!

Shauna B. said...

We recently went to San Diego too. Oh, how I miss the relaxing days on the beach!