Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I know you've all been holding your breath...

I'm finally coming back from my blogging hiatus.  We've been to St. George twice since I last posted and it's now Spring instead of Winter.  Maybe that's what I needed, some sunshine.
Our first stop to sunny St. George was with our friends Tad and Emily and Brad and Courtney.  We had the chance to have a FREE hot air balloon could we resist.

filling up our balloon

getting ready for take off

these cows were pretty confused by us

Our second trip down was with our friends the Hacketts. We hiked around for most of a day in Zion National Park and enjoyed the sun by the pool. I was a perfect weekend spent relaxing with good friends!

scenery on the way to the Emerald Pools

Kim, Van, Zack, and Loren

Van checking out the water


Kim said...

I was holding my breath so glad you finally came through. I wish we were back in zions right now.

Jane Durham said...

when you come back, you really come back! what cool adventures. I'm loving your pics on your sidebar, a picture journal.

the mortensen's said...

welcome back my friend, welcome back!

Shauna B. said...

It was fun to run into you in St. George! Let's get together soon!