Saturday, October 25, 2008

Twice tagged

Well, since I have been tagged twice, I figured I had better just go ahead and do this :)
Six quirky things about me:
1. When I like a song, I listen to it over and over and over, probably much to the dismay of everyone around me!
2. I love office supplies. Pencils, pens, Sharpies, paper, calendars, desk organizers, pencil holders. Weird, I know, but go to and you may soon share my obsession.
3. I own (and continue to buy) way too much eye shadow. Then, every morning, when I am putting my make up on I guessed it, the same one every day!!
4. I count my steps in sets of eight. Not ALL the time, but I will catch myself doing it sometimes.
5. I am a night owl. I could stay up until 2:00 in the morning and not get anything accomplished (mostly when Loren is out of town).
6. When I get in bed and fall asleep I wake up in the exact position I went to sleep in. I can literally fold the blanket back, get out of bed and put the blanket back down and the bed looks totally undisturbed.

I tag: Kristi, Hillary, and Libby


The Chandlers said...

i guess we are way too similar. i love office supplies too. it must go along with my organization obsession. also, i count my steps too but in 4's. maybe because i usually have a song in my head but sometimes that's not the case. i especially count by 4's on stairs. and it ends up kind of annoying me if it doesn't come out right. so don't worry. i'm wierd like that too!

camihubrich said...

I can't believe that you can fall asleep and wake up in the same spot. I am all over the place. I find that very interesting and quirky.