Monday, March 3, 2008

Ski Bunnies

Here we are at Alta for our girls activity in February. They offer "ski for free after three" everyday so how could we resist! Plus, Libby hadn't gone skiing (she snowboards) since we had ski night in elementary school, so it was perfect for teaching her. She did really good, only one mishap getting on the lift (it's okay Lib, it has happened to everyone!).
Give me FREE skiing anytime, I'll take it!

Me, Libby and Sherrie (Holly wasn't feeling well and couldn't make it)

Libby and Sherrie on the lift

What a BEAUTIFUL day in the mountains!


Waters said...

How fun! Free skiing after 3? What a blast, I wish Bogus would do something like that. can you imagine how busy it would be if they did? Hey guess what? Lapral Calkins is getting married. do you remember her?

Batty Family History said...

You saved the picture. It was a great day...thanks for posting the pictures.

katherine said...

how beautiful! i hope that you are well!