Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bag Tag

I have officially been bag tagged by Sherstine. Hopefully that's a reference to my purse and not me :)
Well, I'm one of those people that carries around way to much stuff in her purse. Currently in my purse: my camera, wallet (money, debit and credit card, all of those dumb cards that you get punched whenever you go somewhere that I never use, reciepts), two note pads, sunglasses, 7 lip products (you never know which one you'll need), bobby pins, hair elastics, perfume, two varieties of gum, lotion, cell phone, pocket calendar, check book, house keys, church keys, a candy cane, and some bills that I payed on the phone on the way to work the other day! Voila, now you know!!
Oh, and I tag Marcie, Kim and Katherine.


the mortensen's said...

that's quite impressive! where do you find cute pictures like that to post?

katherine lance & grace said...

are you kidding me, this is probably the best tag yet, how clever!! and i love your hair, it looks soo good, those swoopy bangs, awesome! i need to come by to say hello sometime soon i think!!!

Kim said...

Oh no I don't have a purse just a diaper bag these days and there is way too much crap in it! I loved the post though and I'm pretty surprised you can fit all that into your small bag!
ps. we need to hang out soooooooon!

Brooklyn Skanchy said...

Jamie - I found your blog through Katherine's blog. you look so great. It's fun to see what you've been up to.